Key Findings


of respondents
expect revenue
to increase
in 2019


of respondents believe employers must accelerate pay increases to compete for qualified candidates


of respondents say
candidate acquisition/sourcing is
their top priority
for 2019

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Dive deep and explore the spotlights on key topics that'll influence the global recruitment industry in 2019.

Diversity & Inclusion

Most recruiters agree diverse organisations are more effective than others, so do we have a diversity issue in recruitment?

VMS Business

VMS business is one of the most divisive—and possibly misunderstood—topics in the recruitment industry. Get the facts on everything VMS.

Reskilling Candidates

The skills shortage presents a major opportunity for recruitment agencies. By reskilling candidates, agencies can create talent, fill key open roles and transform lives.

Regional Findings


Learn about the opportunities, challenges, and emerging themes that global recruitment pros say will shape the industry in their regions in 2019.


Explore the key findings in more depth and view insights on top industry trends. 


Online Talent Platforms

Online talent platforms connect workers and employers. Do recruitment professionals view them as an opportunity or
a threat? Are they making life easier or harder?

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Top APAC Challenges

Talent shortages. Pricing pressure. Uncertainty over future economic growth. These topics are just some of the top challenges recruiters expect to face in 2019, what other hurdles are in store for the industry in 2019?

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Workforce Globalisation

The globalisation of the workforce creates opportunities a
nd challenges for recruitment businesses, but
agencies are decidedly optimistic about what it means for their future.

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