What are Staffing Firms Automating?

There are a lot of moving parts in the recruiting lifecycle—and most of them can be automated. The benefits of automation are well-documented: you can reduce the errors involved in manual work and reallocate recruiter time to let them focus on relationship-building. That said, most firms aren’t automating as much as they could. 

As a part of a comprehensive survey on digital transformation, we surveyed 900+ global staffing and recruitment professionals to learn what they are—and aren’t—automating. Check out the results below to see what percentage of respondents are using automation to streamline their staffing activities:



Staffing and recruiting pros cited candidate acquisition as the top priority for 2019.



ATS features like the Bullhorn ‘Starts and Ends’ dashboard card ensure that you can follow up with candidates as soon as a placement ends.

 Background Checks


The right integration can reduce 16 steps to 3 when ordering background checks.



Half of recruitment professionals lack a clear understanding of which of their clients are most profitable.

Candidate Submittal


Automating candidate submittal can substantially improve your firm’s time-to-fill.



Onboarding technology can reduce new hire onboarding by 60 percent.



Recruitment pros selected screening as one of the five most painful processes in the recruitment lifecycle.

Pay and bill


Inaccurate paychecks or invoices are one of the fastest ways to lose a client.

Time and expense


Data capture can save countless hours of time and expense manual work.

Client relationship management


Recruitment professionals picked client management as the third-most urgent area for further training.

VMS integration


58% say automation has resulted in a higher fill rate for VMS jobs.



The average firm reports between a 10% and 30% redeployment rate.

Want to learn how other recruiting professionals view digital transformation? Discover the results from the new GRID report here:

Building a Digital Tomorrow: Digital Transformation in the Recruiting Industry

Bob McHugh

Senior Content Marketing Manager


Bob McHugh is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Bullhorn. Before joining Bullhorn, Bob spent five years at the digital marketing agency, Brafton, as a Social Media and Engagement Manager. He earned his bachelor's degree from Siena College and his MFA in writing from Emerson College.