Recruiting Under New Regulations: A Cultural Shift in Data Privacy

by Hannah Lenane

Almost a year after GDPR regulations came to pass how are recruitment professionals adapting to the culture shift in data privacy and regulation?…

The Brexit Paradox: What About Recruitment Revenue and Growth?

by Hannah Lenane

As the Brexit deadline draws ever closer, what impact do UK and Irish recruitment professionals anticipate it will have on business revenue and growth goals in 2019?…

Reskilling: A Game-Changing Opportunity for Recruitment Agencies

by Alexandra Barca

Reskilling—sometimes referred to as retraining and upskilling—is the process of helping workers turn outmoded skills into ones that are highly applicable to the modern world. By investing in online courses, training academies, and apprenticeship programs, recruitment agencies can transform the careers and lives of candidates, all while filling positions through the creation of newly-qualified talent pools…