Setting the Stage for 2019: The Top Priorities for Global Recruitment Firms

by Steve Vittorioso

In 2019, recruitment professionals are feeling bullish and are eyeing increases in temporary placements, operating budgets, investments in technology, efforts to worker skills through education and training, and the percentage of business conducted via VMS….

Recruitment Sentiment Analysis: Are We Heading for a Recession?

by Vinda Souza

Economists argue that a recession is imminent, but with a talent shortage and a focus on reskilling and worker pay, recruiters don’t agree.

Overcoming the Obstacles in 2019: The Top Challenges for Global Recruitment Firms

by Steve Vittorioso

As 2019 begins, global staffing and recruiting firms have voiced their biggest business challenges for the upcoming year. …

Understanding Machine Learning and AI: We’re Halfway There

by Vinda Souza

Recruiting professionals have a good understanding of machine learning and artificial intelligence, with larger firms and digital natives showing a stronger understanding….

The Globalization Opportunity: Recruitment’s Worst-Kept Secret

by Bob McHugh

The globalization of the workforce creates various opportunities and challenges for recruitment businesses, but recruitment businesses are decidedly optimistic about what it means for their future….

Are Online Talent Platforms Making Life Easier or Harder for Recruiters?

by Katie Tierney

Online talent platforms have emerged as a viable way to connect workers and employers. Do global recruitment professionals see them as an opportunity or a threat, and are they making life easier or harder? …

The Path(s) to Success: Choosing Your Growth Strategy

by Bob McHugh

Growth is on the agenda, but how will recruitment agencies achieve those goals? The results reveal a variety of options for enterprising businesses….