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Top Recruitment Challenges 2020: Economic Uncertainty and Talent Woes Loom Large

What will 2020 hold? Whether the actual outlook for the industry is sunny, cloudy, or apocalyptic, it’s healthy to examine the challenges firms continue to face….

Top Staffing and Recruitment Priorities for 2020: Relationships, Technology, and Talent

The goal for staffing and recruitment businesses is largely the same as previous years, but the chosen paths to success are not. The top priorities for 2020 represent the most wide-open field in the history of this survey, suggesting that firms are adopting different approaches to grow and thrive in 2020….

Diversity and Inclusion in Global Recruitment: This Is Fine?

Much attention has been paid to the value of candidate diversity, though I would argue that unfortunately, with some very notable and refreshing exceptions, many firms view this as transactional as opposed to integral….

Building a Digital Tomorrow: A Spotlight on Digital Transformation in the Recruiting Industry

Are you fully embracing technology as part of your overall business strategy? How does the rest of the industry view and act on digital transformation? We surveyed 2,000+ global recruitment and staffing professionals to learn more. Read on for the key takeaways….